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Canada, LinkedIn and Human Resource Pros

LinkedIn is great for __________ fill in the blank! Who has not heard about the benefits of LinkedIn for business and for careers over the past couple of years? It was not that long ago when LinkedIn announced reaching over 200 million users and the data tells us they add two more each second.  Canada is among the top proportional users of LinkedIn with 7 million members, representing over 3.3% of the total members on LinkedIn.

200 million users may not be the 1 billion members reported by Facebook but they tend to be valuable members. LinkedIn Members have among the highest annual income among social network users. In 2012 over 27% of LinkedIn users earned incomes of $100,000 per year (second only to Google+ users at 30% but most of them are not actually using Google+) and in 2013 the average income for LI users stood at $86,000. Since 2010 LinkedIn has indicated that their membership includes executives from every fortune 500 companies.  In Canada 579,250 LinkedIn members identify themselves small and medium businesses professionals. It may also be interesting to hear that according to the Global Recruiting Roundtable date LinkedIn is the 10th most visited Website, not just social networking site, but website, in Canada (in the Netherlands it was the 5th, the 6th in Israel and the 7th in the UAE).

Joining a LinkedIn group can be a great way to gather information and meet new people. LinkedIn allows you to join 50 primary groups and an additional 50 sub-groups. It can be difficult to determine which groups might be the best use of your time but a combination of small and large groups and local and international groups is often the best way to go. Groups with over 50,000 members can be a useful way to access many people but some of the better conversations you can have are in smaller groups of under 5000.

3 Quick Tips for Raising Your Companies Profile In LinkedIn Groups

1) Ask your employees to join LinkedIn Groups relevant to their profession to help raise your organizations profile (but don’t forget to train them on LinkedIn Etiquette)

2) Spend a minimum of 30 minutes once a week in a group, asking or answering questions relevant to your industry

3) Create a LinkedIn business page that allows potential employees or business partners to stay connected with your business (10 minutes a week is often all you need to monitor and update a LinkedIn business page).

Of the 200 million people on LinkedIn how many do you think are involved in the Human Resources Industry?  Here is some interesting data on how the Human Resources Industry stacks up on LinkedIn.
May 2013

LinkedIn Population

200 Million LinkedIn

7 Million Canadian members

World Wide

2,642,443 use the key word Human Resources in their LI Profile

363,596 list HR as their current job title

648,981 list HR as their industry

In Canada

147,148 use the key word Human Resources in their LI Profile

8433 list HR as their industry

24,219 people list HR as their current job title

LinkedIn Groups

There are over 1,600,000 LI groups

World Wide

4255 groups list HR in their description (many are job and recruiting groups)

LinkedIn:HR  (#1 Human Resources Group) has 803,017 members

Human Resources has 53,722 members

In Canada

96 groups list HR and Canada in their description

The Canadian Human Resources Network (HR) has 2,326 members

But The Canadian Human Resources (HR) Network has 5,465 members

Fun Facts

World Wide

35% of Users access LI daily

61% of users report they consider LI their primary professional network

50% of fortune 100 companies hire through LinkedIn

And did you know that 10 million endorsements are given every day!

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