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Hot Topics for HR Insider Readers

There is always more to learn than there is time to learn it. You must learn about the latest technology, respond to changes in the workplace and the economy, you must stay on top of changing legislation and laws, and more.  There is only so much professionals can expect to keep track of at any given time.

The reality of today’s workplace is that many of us are expected to do more, and to do it efficiently. Staying current it not always easy and sometimes the best strategy is to focus on one or two new things at a time based on a combination of needs and wants. We recently asked you what you would like to see as a‘hot’ topic for your organization for 2014. Here is what you told us.

Question: What HR topic would you like to see as a ‘hot’ topic for your organization next year?

  1. Exploration and introduction of Gameification options
  2. Introduction of Corporate Social Responsibility programs
  3. Development of more Health, Wellness and Safety Initiatives
  4. Identification of HR Management Technology Tools
  5. Social Networks for Recruiting, Screening and Monitoring

Health, Wellness and Safety Top the List

The majority (54%) of HR Insider readers are hoping to see their organization’s focus on issues of health, wellness, and safety initiatives for 2014. The only other topics of interest were social networking for recruiting, screening and monitoring (29%) and HR management technology tools at (14%).

One of the biggest issues facing the workplace today is indeed health, wellness and safety and the impact and costs associated with these issues. Employee health including physical, emotional and mental health impacts the performance, production and financial health of an organization. Keeping a workforce healthy and happy is an important priority for HR.

Business Leaders Thoughts for 2014

A 2012 survey of C-suite, HR talent executives and business leaders conducted by Deloitte Canada identified these top 6 Human Capital trends for 2013

  1. Transforming HR to meet new business priorities
  2. The war to develop talent
  3. Organization acceleration: Get more value out of change initiatives
  4. Branding the workplace to attract talent
  5. Leadership next: Debunking the superhero myth
  6. Boards changing the HR Game

A fascinating suggestion presented in the Deloitte research, in response to the 5th trend, leadership next, was that because HR leadership theories have not kept track of changing needs assigning non-HR executives to HR leadership roles would be a possible solution for the future.

It is difficult to conclude if there is an alignment or misalignment between the trends HR Insider readers would like to see and those of business leadership. The questions in our survey did not address some of the same business priorities Deloitte assessed. But for HR Insider readers it might be worth considering how to align the priorities of health, wellness and safety with the organization’s leadership priorities for 2014 if you want to see your agenda realized.


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