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Demonstrating the Cost of Workplace Stress

Workplace stress is as old as work itself. What has changed is our understanding of how high stress levels at the workplace harm employee productivity and contribute to costly illnesses and injuries. So it’s no wonder that HR directors are investing more energy in improving the employee’s work experience. But to gain management support for such activities, you need to be able to relate the workplace stress problem as a matter of dollars. Here’s how.

How Workplace Stress Harms Business Performance

The case is a simple one: Workplace stress hurts profits because it increases absences and cuts productivity. ‘Want some good hard data that you can use to make this point? According to the 17th World Congress on Health and Safety at Work, of the 40.2 million working days annually lost by businesses worldwide, 13.4 million are from stress, anxiety and depression.

To put these numbers into perspective, relate stress to more familiar hazards. According to one of the delegates, “in the U.S. al...

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