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Alberta Pension Legislation Presents New Obligations And Opportunities

The Alberta government has announced that the new Employment Pension Plans Act (New Act) and its associated regulation will come into force in September. The new regulation was released for the first time in conjunction with that announcement, and contains much of the detail that plan sponsors and administrators will need to comply. Here we will discuss the most significant changes in the regulation, as well as the timeline set out for compliance with the new rules.
The New Act no longer sets out who is required to be the administrator of a pension plan. Rather, those rules are now housed in the regulation. Notably, all plan types – including single employer plans – are now permitted (though in some cases not necessarily required) to employ joint governance models, whether or not the plan is subject to collective bargaining. Such models may employ a board of trustees or "similar body acceptable to the Superintendent." While other structures may be acc...

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