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8 Rules for Dealing with Employees Who Are Bringing Your Company Down

There are certain problems that most managers would like to avoid. Calling angry customers, for instance. Presenting unhealthy sales numbers to higher-ups. And yes, dealing with those slow-moving, low-achieving, company-rule-breaking employees known as poor performers. But Joanne Sujansky has a suggestion: take care of the latter problem and the other two might just work themselves out.

"When you confront your poor performers, you will find that one of two things happens," says Sujansky, founder and president ofKEYGroup. "They improve or they move--hopefully to a new company and not another department, that is. Either way--improving or moving out of the company--keeps customers satisfied and business brisk. And it keeps your good employees happy, too."

Makes sense, right? Of course it does. Unfortunately, says Sujansky, many managers fall down on the job when it's time to deal with poor performers. Perhaps they don't want to rock the boat, fearing that poor performers will retaliate ...

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