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Why Work for Us

The competition for top talent remains fierce, and in order to attract the employees you seek you have to do more than offer a competitive salary and an attractive benefits package. You have to be able to articulate what makes you an employer of choice.

Yes, it’s about employer branding. But if that term makes your eyes glaze over, why not simply put yourself on the other side of the desk and think like a job seeker?

Ask yourself, what is it a job seeker wants to know? Basically, it comes down to the reasons she or he should work for you.

A Letterman List

Ceridian Canada, a human resource solutions provider, tells prospective employees just that—why they should work for the company.

It includes a detailed list at its corporate careers site called, “Top Ten Reasons to Work at Ceridian.” These reasons are:

  1.  People
  2.  Culture
  3.  Reputation
  4.  Benefits
  5.  Recognition
  6.  Customers
  7.  Growth
  8.  Innovation
  9.  Values
  10.  Social Responsibility

Taken individually, any one of these items may spark an interest on the part of a job seeker. However, when viewed collectively, they command attention.

Providing Details

Even more noteworthy is that Ceridian elaborates on each category. Take “People” as an example:

Join a great team of passionate, caring, engaged people

When you work at Ceridian Canada, you are working with high performing people like yourself—people who are passionate about their jobs. Our people love coming to work in an environment where every individual is respected and supported in reaching their full potential. Together, our people reflect the diversity of the communities in which we live and work. It’s people like these who make our culture come alive. Our people are truly our greatest asset.

Or take a look at “Recognition”:

Earn rewards and recognition for your contributions

At Ceridian, hard work and exceptional achievements do not go unnoticed. Our reward and recognition programs acknowledge individuals and teams for outstanding performance and accomplishments that contribute to business goals, values and success. In keeping with our employee-focused culture, they also recognize years of service, community volunteerism and other initiatives that make Ceridian a unique and rewarding organization to work for.

And how about “Growth”:

Develop your skills and grow in your career

Ceridian has created an environment that nurtures growth by providing a multitude of development opportunities for employees—for example, through programs that support career planning, mentorship, leadership development and more. We are also committed to supporting lifelong learning. In fact, Ceridian averages 50 hours of education and training per staff member each year, well above the Canadian average of 28 hours per person.

Beyond Buzzwords

Anybody can make a list of hot-button items or use hackneyed phrases in an effort to get job seekers’ attention. The difference is that this company’s corporate careers site backs up the buzz with concrete examples. Job seekers can easily see how each term translates to working at Ceridian.

“Top Ten Reasons to Work at Ceridian” provides prospective employees with relevant information, while helping to brand the company as an employer of choice.

How does your corporate careers site messaging compare?