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Website Accessibility Compliance Checklist

An increasing number of jurisdictions, including Ontario, BC, Federal, Manitoba and Newfoundland, require employers to not make reasonable accommodations requested by persons with disabilities but also take proactive measures to identify and eliminate barriers that may make your company and its products inaccessible to the disabled. A major part of this commitment is to make your website accessible. How do you know if your website is compliant? Here’s a Checklist you can use to make that determination that’s geared to complying with the international standard WCAG 2.0, Level AA, since that’s the requirement incorporated into provincial accessibility laws.

Instructions: Complete this Checklist to verify whether ABC Company websites, web pages and content are appropriately accessible to persons with disabilities. Any item for which a NO is listed should include comments describing the problem(s) and what, if anything, is being done to correct the problem, as well as an estimated date by which corrections will be made. Attach additional pages, if necessary.

Item Yes No Comments
All images, media files and maps have an “ALT” tag
All online forms have descriptive HTML tags
Entire website is accessible with keyboard navigation
Focus indicators are used to ease keyboard navigation
All hyperlinks have a descriptive anchor text
All website pages have “skip navigation” links
All text content is structured using proper heading tags
PDFs are used sparingly
Where used, PDF files are accessible (describe methods used to ensure accessibility)
All videos have captions, subtitles, transcripts and audio description
Colour-contrast ratio between text and background is at least 4.5:1
All fonts are accessible (describe methods used to ensure accessibility)
All HTML tables are populated with column headers, row identifiers and cell information
All audio files have written captions
All forms are accessible (describe methods used to ensure accessibility, e.g., labeling and grouping controls, error messages, input validation and avoidance of time limits)
All call-to-action buttons have an accessible name and ARIA label
Every page has a language attribute tag to enable translation of content via assistive technology
Website includes a website accessibility policy page
Website has easily locatable contact information enabling users to request accessibility information
Moving, flickering or flashing colours, images, text or other content on a screen that can cause dizziness, nausea or distraction is avoided wherever possible