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The Virtual Office Requirements & Tips For an Ergonomic Workspace

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Recorded Date: March 24, 2021

Speaker: Kristan Rossetto, R. Kin, A.E., B.Sc., H.K., GradCert ESLM, Ergonomic, Health & Wellness Consultant, ERGO Inc


To access the recording of this webinar, please go here. As a member of HR Insider, use discount code HRIVIP21 to watch the recording for free on demand. All ancillary material is available as a handout with the recording.

Many of us are now conducting work virtually from the “comfort” of our homes. But for some their home workspace may not be “comfortable” at all. Some of us be working in spaces not intended for computer work and may not have the equipment necessary for proper computer set up.

This session will assist employees and employers with what they should know about employee home offices.

This session will discuss the following:

  • Requirements for home offices – CSA ergonomic standard, legal issues
  • Responsibility for home office workspace
  • Practical tips for using equipment and material you already have to optimize your workstation set up
  • Finding a good workspace, chair to sit on and tools to support adjusting your equipment
  • Tips for finding cost effective ergonomic products
  • Question period following session

A handout on proper computer set up, along with a proper chair adjustment video will be provided to attendees after the webinar.

About the Speaker & Sponsor

Kristan RossettoKristan Rossetto is an Associate Ergonomist (AE) and a Registered Kinesiologist with an Honours Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics from the University of Guelph and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Exercise Science and Lifestyle Management from Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning.  Kristan has workplace ergonomic experience in various settings, including manufacturing, warehouses, retail, correctional facilities and healthcare.

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ERGO Inc. is an Ergonomics, Injury Prevention & Safety Consulting & Training Firm that has been providing Canadian companies with practical ergonomic and injury prevention solutions for over 25 years.

ERGO Inc. Consultants are educated and Certified Canadian Professional Ergonomists (CCPEs and AEs) with extensive expertise in Musculoskeletal Disorder Prevention, Ergonomic Assessments, Physical & Cognitive Demands Assessments, Injury Management, Ergonomic Return to Work Assessments, Ergonomic Accommodation & Ergonomic Job Suitability Assessments, Pre-employment Screening, and Occupational Health, Wellness and Safety.

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