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The Civil Injunction Cheat Sheet

Injunctions are a powerful remedy that are sought and granted in a wide range of disputes.

An employer might seek an injunction to stop a former employee from soliciting the employer’s clients. A business may seek an injunction to stop a competitor from unfairly using a registered trademark. Your neighbour may seek an injunction to stop you from cutting down that hideous tree in your back yard that provides oh-so-much shade and privacy for your neighbour, or perhaps they may seek a mandatory order requiring you to cut down that same hideous tree that they view as an eye-sore.

A recent Court of Appeal decision provides a quick overview on (almost) everything you wanted to know about civil injunctions.

Here is your injunction cheat sheet, courtesy of Justice Gillese who wrote the decision for the unanimous court.

An Interim Injunction

Can be requested with or without notice to the opposing party. Argument in front of the judge is usually quite limited. If the injunction is granted i...

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