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Test Your HR IQ: Unapproved Vacation

Fred and Ethel work for the same high end clothing store. Both have accrued 2 weeks’ paid vacation for 2014.

Ethel notifies the store that she plans to take her 2-week vacation in October. The store manager approves so Ethel buys the plane tickets and books a hotel.  However, the manager dislikes Ethel and decides to assert his authority.  A week before her vacation is to begin, the manager tells Ethel that he has changed his mind and needs Ethel to work. Ethel refuses to cancel her plans and goes through with her vacation as scheduled.

Fred books his 2-week vacation for December. He knows that store policy bans employees from taking annual vacations during the busy December season. The store manager tells Fred he has to work in December. When Fred refuses to back off, the manager sends him a letter warning him that he’ll be fired if he goes on vacation in December. But Fred is undeterred and takes his December vacation.

Fred and Ethel are both fired.
 Which emp...

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