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Social Media Misuse and Termination

A recent global survey, “Social Networks in the Workplace,” conducted by law firm Proskauer Rose, finds employers worldwide, including those in Canada, simultaneously embracing and struggling with social media.

The survey shows a majority of companies, 85.5 percent, thinks it is an advantage to business to allow employees access to social media sites at work. However, 45.3 percent of those companies believe, that while social media offers an advantage for business use, there is disadvantage to non-business use.

Close to half of companies surveyed, 45.9 percent, say misuse of social media is an issue they have had to deal with, and 35.9 percent have had to take disciplinary action against an employee in relation to misuse of social media.

When misuse of social media has been an issue, companies say 76.9 percent of the time misuse was caused by current employees and 30.8 percent of the time it was caused by former employees.

Yet, despite what appears to be widespread misuse by current and former employees, only 33.3 percent of companies provide training on appropriate use of social media. What’s more, only 16.7 percent of companies have termination provisions that contain express provisions protecting against misuse of social media by former employees.

Clearly, changes are necessary.

What is your organization doing to address social media misuse by current and former employees?