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Should I Eavesdrop On My Employees?

Consider a simple cost and benefits analysis before spying on employees in the workplace

Question: Can I Monitor My Employees If I Suspect Foul Play?

One of my employees informed me that he overheard a co-worker on the phone bad-mouthing me to a customer. I do not want to call customers to ask directly about this situation and I am not certain enough to confront this person directly. However, I do notice that my business is slowing down. I want to monitor my employee’s activities more closely. Can I install cameras and record phone calls to find out what is really going on?

Response: A Measured and Reasonable Response

Monitoring, observing, spying or eavesdropping on employees may sound creepy, but in fact, there is precedence in the Canadian workplace. Although Canada does have privacy laws that provide protection to employees, Canadian courts recognize an employer’s right to monitor and protect business interests.

Spying and Business: A Cost Benefit Analysis

Employers can and...

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