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Model Probationary Employment Contract Clause

The first 3 consecutive months of an employee’s employment with ABC Company will be deemed a probationary period during which the company will assess the suitability of the employee’s performance and conduct on the basis of quality, completeness, accuracy, productivity, efficiency, prompt and regular attendance, overall character, judgment, loyalty, dedication, attitude, professionalism, and potential for growth and development.

The company may terminate the employee if it determines he/she is unsuitable at the end of or at any time during the probationary period. Probationary employees terminated for unsuitability are not entitled to receive working notice or payment of wages in lieu of notice under the Employment Standards Code (“ESC”) and Section X of this Policy.

Employees who are determined to be suitable will be offered the position on a permanent basis at the end of the probationary period. Once hired on a permanent basis, employees will be entitled to termination notice and other rights accorded permanent employees under this Policy and the ESC.