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Is it Time for a Human Resources Health Check?

It’s may not always be obvious that your business needs a Human Resources (HR) audit, and ideal timing may not be clear, but there will often be tell-tale signs that show it’s time to review your human resource functions.  There may be trends such as high absenteeism and turnover, low engagement, increased employee complaints and overall low morale which point towards deeper critical areas that your business should address sooner rather than later.  An external HR Consultant can provide an unbiased assessment of your organizations key HR strengths and weaknesses and provide recommendations for improvement.
Why is the HR function important?
Many small businesses try to manage the HR function with a long tenured and dependable employee picking up this extra responsibility as owners are engaged with tactical management and day-to-day operations.  More often than not, HR has battled to have a seat at the table or been overlooked as an afterthought.  The daily focus is typically on sales ...

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