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Going Pro Social Program At Your Work Place

Over time employee expectations remain amazingly similar; Employees want a good and appropriate wage, to be treated fairly, an opportunity for growth, work they enjoy and can perform with skill, people with whom they enjoy working and a recognition for their efforts. They also frequently want a feeling of community and the ability to make a contribution. What does changes over time are the details of how these are balanced and delivered.

Today’s Millennial employees have tipped the scale of expectations towards combining work with having a social impact. This has lead to the growth of Pro Social programs used to both attract and retain Millenial employees.

Crowd-Contributions To Meaningful Causes

What exactly is this Pro Social program? Traditionally employees volunteer to raise money and then write a cheque. Today’s Millennial employees want to be in the thick of things where they can see the ongoing impact of their contributions and they want this social contract as a component of...

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