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EI Benefits of Employees Earning Commissions while on Maternity Leave


I have a salesperson who's going on maternity leave who intends to do some follow-up with clients from home. What about her commission? Does paying out the commission impact her EI entitlements?


Alan McEwen is one of Canada’s leading payroll consultants, having spent almost 20 years implementing and managing outsourced payroll operations for both large and small employers, consulting, providing training and developing sophisticated Canadian payroll software for use in outsourcing or by large and complex employers


Commissions do, in fact, affect EI maternity or parental benefits depending on the situation.


There are 2 possible impacts:

Need to Report Hours Worked: First, you must report any time the salesperson actually spends on client follow-ups to Service Canada as hours worked. If these hours aren’t reported, the salesperson could face serious consequences including penalties and jeopardy to future eligibility for EI. The ...

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