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Decline of Vaccination Acknowledgement Form

If employees refuse to get a flu or COVID-19 shot, make them put it in writing.

Like many employers, you may encourage your employees to get a flu shot, or even offer them free flu shots before the flu season begins. However, employees may not heed your advice or accept the flu shot you offer. If that happens, you should require the employee to sign a form acknowledging that they chose not to get a flu shot. This may get the employee to reconsider; more importantly, it documents the efforts you made to get the employee to be vaccinated and that the reason the employee wasn’t vaccinated was that he/she voluntarily declined to. Such documentation will come in handy if the employee later infects somebody and you’re sued for negligence or charged with a health and safety violation.

Here’s a template that you can adapt. Although it covers flu shot, you can easily adapt the template for use with COVID-19 vaccinations if and when they become available.