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Compensation Inequity: Calling Out Hidden Discrimination

Steps for avoiding inequality during individual compensation negotiations

Can you legally compensate two people doing the same job differently? In fact you can. It happens all the time.

Employees at the same organization often work side by side and receive different compensation. This disparity may often be attributed to  seniority systems, merit systems, and piecework systems. These employees may also work different shifts, or at different locations, or, one may travel more than the other. These explanation for compensation disparity are all valid.

What an organization cannot do, however,  is pay workers disparate compensation for work that is essentially the same,  where one person is paid  less than another based on  gender, disability, culture, age, religion, sexual orientation, marital/family status (including pregnancy) or for a conviction for which they have been pardoned.  When such characteristics  are factored into the equation for compensation,  this is discrimination.


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