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Burning Bright: Who Are Your Next Star Employees

In the night sky, stars come in all shapes, colours, sizes and degrees of heat and light. Some stars burn bright for a short time and others burn on for a very long time. The same can be said for star employees in the workplace. Many employees have the ability to excel given the right opportunities and support. Some are meant to shine for a short time and others much longer. Identifying when someone is ready, willing and capable of shining requires a keen eye and understanding what you are looking for.

There is a combination of 4 factors that frequently enable a star performer: 1) ability, 2) effort, 3) attitude and 4) focus. When these combine with the timing and right opportunity a star performer can emerge.

1)      Ability includes a combination of skills, knowledge, training, experience

2)      Effort includes both a desire and willingness to put the time and energy in

3)      Attitude includes a belief one can succeed with the determination to keep going past obstacles

4)    ...

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