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Avetta presents: Elements of a Workplace Violence Safety Program- Do’s and Don’ts

Many businesses have limited resources or knowledge to prepare and train workers to respond to a workplace violence incident.

Join us for a free webinar with Hector Sanchez, President and Lead Consultant at Holistic Secured Operations, Inc. In this webinar he will address the recommended changes by defining all key elements as an essential element of a Workplace Violence Program, from tangible and obvious to the transferable and enforceable.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Assess the organization and identify vulnerabilities
  • Prioritize weaknesses and evolve them into progressive initiatives
  • Define what gets protected internally and what gets transferred and why
  • Identify available resources at no cost to the organization
  • Structure the WPV Program in accordance with the business culture

To access the Avetta webinar click here.