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Take A Lesson From The Donald Sterling Imbroglio: Private Conversations Can Get You Fired

My prediction is that the Donald Sterling scandal, will not only see him removed as owner of LA Clippers NBA franchise, but will cause a sea change in the conduct of public figures everywhere.

It will presage and parallel the impact the 1991 Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill imbroglio during Justice Thomas' U.S. Supreme Court nomination had on sexual harassment both in the United States and Canada. Sexual harassment charges before then were relatively rare.

I recall one (male) human resource executive, responding to the news boasting: "At my company, we don't fight sexual harassment, we grade it." That reaction was not atypical.

But, by putting the issue of sexual harassment on the front pages and making it part of public discourse, Canadians became sensitized, the number of cases multiplied and lawyers, me included, began a torrent of sexual harassment client seminars. Standard corporate policies quickly followed.

Sterling's private conversations have resulted in his eviction from the Na...

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