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Send Your Employees Back To School To Remain Competitive

Today’s labour market changes rapidly. Jobs, skills and qualifications that were in demand 5 years ago can disappear in the blink of an eye. This not only has devastating effects on the employees whose skills and qualifications are no longer up-to-date but it also impacts business and the economy on many levels.

When one employee falters or leaves and another is brought in time is lost, additional resources are consumed to train and get the next employee up-to-date and a loss of historical knowledge and perspective that goes with the departing employee. Letting go of employees whose skills are out of date can have a ripple effect throughout the organization creating unease that impacts productivity and employee engagement. Yet keeping employees whose skills are no longer cutting edge also costs the organization in lost productivity and opportunities to remain competitive.

As much as an individual employee has the responsibility to ensure his/her skills and knowledge are relevant the ...

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