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SAFEOPEDIA Presents: Safety Metrics to Take Your Organization Beyond Zero

Date: June 3, 2021

Time: 1:00 EDT (10 AM PDT)

Speaker: Corrie Pitzer

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Measuring safety is fraught with danger, pardon the pun.There are well-known concerns and doubts about the validity and reliability of traditional metrics such as injury rates. Despite that, TRIF and DART and RIR still rule. Most organizations still regard their injury rate trends and graphs as the measurement of ‘safe, because “that’s all we have”. However, you would not accept your medical doctor telling you that you are healthy because “you have a pulse” and “that is all I have”. Accidents are downstream symptoms of failures upstream, and unless we measure upstream (doing the equivalent of an “ECG”) we can not proclaim that we are safe (healthy).This presentation will illustrate and demonstrate a range of such upstream metrics, at cultural, system and process levels – and enable you to look beyond the numbers, beyond zero.