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Real Estate Agency Must Pay $9,000+ for Firing Pregnant Receptionist

A receptionist got taken off her agent training program and was fired soon after she told the agency she was pregnant. The receptionist claimed cause and effect; the agency said the timing was coincidence, noting that the performance problems that got the receptionist into trouble had emerged well before she announced her pregnancy. The BC Human Rights Tribunal sided with the receptionist. The timing between the adverse treatment and announcement was just too close to dispel the notion that pregnancy was at least one factor, especially since the agency had never warned the receptionist about her performance up to then. So it ordered the agency to pay her $3,000 for lost wages and $6,000 more for injuring her dignity, feelings and self-respect [Dhillon v. Planet Group, 2013 BCHRT 83 (CanLII), March 28, 2013].

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