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Re-Opening Food Services

How Re-Opening Will Happen Post-COVID-19

In part of reducing infection spread, governments are expecting businesses to take certain precautions as they begin to re-open.Governments want to speed up the pace of economic, educational, and community recovery while also protecting public health. As you come to understand best re-opening practices, it is important to keep in mind the following goals in re-opening.

SAFETY FIRST: re-opening will be done safety and securely to protect vulnerable residents, continue physical distancing, and provide clear rules for businesses deemed safe to re-open.

SCIENCE-DRIVEN: re-opening will rely on scientifically validated public health interventions. Testing, tracing, field studies, and public health guidance will be used to contain infection.

CHOICE: businesses within sectors cleared for re-opening can decide when they will re-open. When they do, they must comply with regulations to protect employees and customers.

DYNAMIC: expect re-opening plans to be adaptive and responsive to real-time concerns such as infection spread or public health guidance.

PREPARED: governments will work closely with health care systems to ensure PPE is secured and bed and…