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Permanent Resident Status

Each year over a million permanent resident applications are received by Canadian Visa offices around the world. As Canada has been consistently ranked as one of the best countries in the world to live, it is not surprising that it would be such a desirable destination for people looking for opportunities and a high quality of life. Canada offers newcomers a strong, stable economy, skilled, satisfying careers and employment, excellent business and investment opportunities, artistic, creative and educational endeavors, a democratic, non-discriminatory, peaceful and fair-minded society, vibrant, cosmopolitan, cultural cities and a natural environment breathtaking in its beauty and majesty.

Thus, the issuance of permanent resident status in Canada is for many a dream come true. Unfortunately, although many apply, not all are successful. Dale & Lessmann LLP's Immigration Practice Group, with its extensive expertise and success rate in assisting clients in obtaining permanent resident ...

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