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Nova Scotia Dispute Resolution Process

As in other provinces, employment discrimination claims in Nova Scotia are taking too long to resolve. So on Jan. 1, 2012, the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission began a new system to speed up the process.

How New Process Works

From now on, most discrimination claims will be resolved via a new process called a Resolution Conference. There are 5 steps:

Step 1: When a complaint is first filed, a date is set for all parties involved or affected by the dispute to get together.

Step 2: The Resolution Conference is held at which all parties can express their views.

Step 3: Acting as mediator, the Commission helps the parties work out a solution and write up a settlement agreement.

Step 4: If the sides can’t reach a settlement, representatives of the Commission create a report setting out their recommendations based on information from the Resolution Commission and send it to the Commissioners.

Step 5: After receiving the report, the Commissioners decides whether to dismiss the complaint or send it to a Board of Inquiry for further proceedings.

See the Commission’s website for more details, http://humanrights.gov.ns.ca/node/77