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Canadian Labour Force: Visible Minorities

** Not Included Elsewhere: People who reported a single write-in response which is likely to indicate a visible minority group.

Research compiled by nonprofit membership organization Catalyst Canada finds visible minorities make up 16.2 percent of the total population of Canada and 15.4 percent of the Canadian labour force.

This chart provides a breakdown of visible minorities in the workforce by race and ethnicity.

Other statistics of interest:

  • Visible minorities represent 13.5 percent (220,305) of 1,631,730 total management occupations.
  • There are 1,265,510 visible minority women in the labour force, which is 47.9 percent of the total visible minority labour force and 7.4 percent of the overall labour force.
  • Women visible minorities make up 35.9 percent (79,010) of visible minorities in management occupations and represent 13.5 percent of all women in management.
  • Visible minorities in Canada are highly educated – 27.9 percent have a university certificate or degree, compared to 16.4 percent of the non-visible minority population.

How diverse is your organization?