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Ask Debby: Where Can I Find Learning Opportunities?


What do you recommend for learning opportunities to enable knowledge and skills around employee benefit, WCB, managing leaves/accommodations and pensions?


For employees to strengthen their knowledge in the realm of employee benefits, health and safety and other workplace programs, I suggest they call their benefits service provider directly. They are often a wealth of knowledge. Often times the benefits provider will offer new administrators a comprehensive overview of how the benefits program is structured and reporting FAQ’s. Monthly updates are also generally circulated, so make sure you sign up for your provider’s newsletter or monthly notifications.

Most provincial HR associations and your local Chamber of Commerce will host great lunch and learn or one-day seminars on topics like benefits. These can be really helpful for both the content and opportunity to meet other professionals interested in a similar topic.

For an interactive peer learning experience, Linked In and Facebook typically have group discussion boards where people can share their experience and expertise on HR related topics. You may even connect over social media platforms with others in your HR community to organize monthly peer mentoring meetings, which is another useful way to connect with professionals who may be able to offer insight into the areas of inquiry. You may also find a local HR consulting firm helpful to engage for a few hours to provide one on one coaching for your specific questions.

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