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Workplaces Not So Social

A recent HR Insider poll finds companies treading carefully when it comes to social media use in the workplace.

Only 27 percent of HR professionals say all employees in their organization have access to social media networks.

Another 18 percent say select employees in their organization have access to social media for the purpose of posting business-related content.

However, 27 percent say their organization allows access to business networks, like LinkedIn, but not to sites like Facebook. What’s more, 18 percent say their organization blocks access to all social sites.

The numbers translate to a majority of organizations, 63 percent, with restrictions in place.

While concerns about social media use at work may be legitimate, be forewarned: Lack of social media access may make your organization seem out of step with the times.

Numerous surveys find job seekers want to work for organizations that allow them to connect with colleagues and friends while at work—and they want to connect via social media.