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Vacation Season and Your Workplace

Not surprisingly, summer is the most popular season for Canadian vacations. But the numbers don’t skew as heavily toward summer as might be expected.

A study conducted by travel site Expedia.ca finds 43 percent of Canadians prefer to take a vacation in summer. However, the other seasons combined actually make up the majority of vacation time: winter, 26 percent; fall, 20 percent; and spring, 11 percent.

Nevertheless, preferences do vary by region. Among Prairie residents, for example, winter is the most popular vacation season, at 43 percent.

Regardless of where you’re based, survey findings suggest vacation season is actually a year round season—which may be news to employers accustomed to planning for employee absences during the summer months.

When is your organization’s prime vacation time? Do you know?

If not, why not take a look at time-off trends? The information may prove insightful, and help you better maintain year round productivity.