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Trends Reshaping the Future of HR: Tapping Skills Anywhere, Anytime

Skills gaps are widening, and HR professionals will have to work hard to ensure that their organizations have the talent they need. To do this, the HR organization will need the ability to quickly tap skills when they’re needed—and where.

Even with millions of people unemployed in major markets around the globe, organizations are hard pressed to find the skills they need. As much as 34 percent of employers worldwide are having difficulty filling open positions, and 73 percent cite lack of experience, skills or knowledge as the primary obstacle to recruiting needed talent.1 In many countries, the percentages of employers facing hiring challenges are far higher: In the United States, the number is 52 percent; in Brazil, it’s 57 percent; in India, it has reached 67 percent; and in Japan, it’s a whopping 80 percent.2 Perhaps even more alarming, only 49 percent of workers recently surveyed by Accenture reported having all the skills required to perform in their current job.