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Successfully Managing Age in Your Organization

There is no escaping the fact that for the foreseeable future, growth in the supply of labour will be firmly concentrated in the 45 year and over age group – or that people in this age group will constitute an increasing proportion of our workforce.

In practical terms this will require organisations to consider how they plan and structure their workforces into the future and attract and retain older people to ensure their continuing productivity. To achieve this current age profiles of organisations must be understood, recruitment and induction processes reviewed to assess their age friendliness and new approaches to skill development and retention past current retirement ages explored. Workforce planning and a renewed focus on flexible staffing practices are required to cope with skills shortages.

Drake’s latest white paper, ‘The Age Chasm – Successfully Managing Age in Your Organisation’ encourages organisations to take heed of the body of evidence highlighting this growing challenge. It moves beyond realising the risks organisations face to propose a range of practical responses and actions for consideration by all employers.