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Quiz: Which Company Committed Family Discrimination?


Company A fires a reliable truck driver so it can offer his position to the owner’s son.
Company B, a town, refuses to hire a qualified lifeguard because his wife is employed as a secretary at the town police station.
Company C fires a valued employee to prevent nepotism after the employee’s sister is promoted and made the employee’s supervisor.
Company D adopts a blanket anti-nepotism policy that automatically bans hiring relatives of people who work for the company.

Assume that none of the above companies is located in Ontario.


Which, if any, of these companies committed family status discrimination?

A. Company A

B. Company B

C. Company C

D. Company D

E. All of the above


E. All of the companies engaged in a practice that could result in liability for family status discrimination.


Company A committed discrimination by making an employment decision on the basis of family status. In addition to being blatant nepotism, firing ...

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