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Popular Employer Wellness Programs Offered in Canada

Before the recession, in 2008 the primary motivation for Canada’s top employers to offer employee healthy and wellness programs in Canada was to increase employee satisfaction and productivity more so then driving down health related costs (reported by Medisys Health Group based on a survey of Canada’s top 100 employers). At that time these employers expected less than half of their employees to participate and most did not track the effectiveness of their wellness initiatives. Today employers are a little more interested in the bottom line of keeping or driving down costs, but they still appear to be interested in providing employees with health and wellness initiatives for the sake of their employees and company culture.
75% of Employers Offer Wellness Programs for Employee Morale
The economy today is not the same as it was back in 2008, yet it has not seemed to take a significant bite out of employers desire to offer wellness initiatives. According to 2011 National Wellness Survey 9...

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