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New FICOM Pension Forms and Bulletins

New FICOM pension forms and bulletins published in Sept.:

  • Form 1, Spouse’s Waiver to Permit Unlocking
  • Form 2, Spouse’s Waiver of 60% Lifetime Survivor Benefit
  • Form 3, Spouse’s Consent to Transfer to a LIF
  • Form 4, Spouse’s Waiver of Beneficiary Right
  • Form 5, Administrator Statement of Compliance—Plan Registration
  • Form 6, Administrator Statement of Compliance—Amendment to Plan Text Document
  • Form 7, Administrator Statement of Compliance—Supporting Plan Document
  • Locked-In Retirement Account, Addendum
  • BC Life Income Fund, Addendum
  • Bulletin 15-007, Electronic Filing of Prescribed Reports
  • Bulletin 15-006, Filing of Reports and Returns
  • Bulletin 15-005, Life Income Fund Interest Rate and Withdrawal Calculations.