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Most Canadians Support Workplace Romance

Employers seeking to eliminate romantic relationships in the workplace may have an uphill battle in Canada. A majority of Canadian employees supports the idea of an office romance, according to a survey from staffing firm Randstad.

In Canada, 59 percent of employees say a romantic relationship between colleagues occurs from time to time within their organization. What’s more, 66 percent of Canadian employees believe an office romance need not be problematic.

Other findings from the survey specific to Canada: only 37 percent of employees believe a romantic relationship with a colleague interferes with their performance at work, and 42 per cent believe that in the event of a romantic relationship at work, one of the employees must be transferred to another department.

What’s more, only 21 percent of Canadians surveyed believe that one of the two employees should resign in the event of a romantic relationship at work.

Does your company attempt to control romance in the workplace? If so, how? Are your efforts effective?