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Laid Off From Your Job? Don’t Take It Personally

If your employment was unexpectedly terminated today, it's important to remember it's not personal, and there is no need to despair or panic.

You are not alone. A very large number of Canadian employees have been dismissed during their careers, many more than once. As result, there is no longer the stigma associated with dismissal (or suing of employers) that existed when I began to practise law.

A microscopic number of dismissals are for performance or conduct. Most — especially during the past several, less economically ebullient, years — are a result of downsizings or organizational readjustment, not performance. Being dismissed seldom makes it more difficult to find new work and getting on with that task is usually the best balm for your wounds.

Statistically, the vast majority of dismissed employees find work that pays close to or greater than what they were making. If you were selected for dismissal, as opposed to being caught up in a wholesale termination, it is likely the jo...

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