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Gifts, Gratuities and Boundaries

A simple act of courtesy that involves giving and receiving a gift may be a demonstration of appreciation in a relationship, but in the workplace it may take on additional meaning. If an employee is in a position to influence decisions about a supplier or vendor for example, accepting a gift may be considered akin to accepting a bribe.

In some industries, offering and accepting a gratuity is standard fare. In some establishments, it is common to offer a wait server a ‘tip’ to demonstrate appreciation for good service at the end of a meal. However, in many situations there is a grey area as to the appropriateness of offering or accepting a gratuity. If you hire a housekeeping service to clean your home, do you also tip the cleaners? What about a personal support worker who provides basic home supports to elderly clients in their homes? Acceptance and distribution of gratuities and the appropriateness of accepting gifts should be clarified to avoid misunderstandings and ethical dilemmas...

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