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Fast, Effective and Objective Resume Reviews

Use  this 3 category, 4-scale scoring process for to view resumes.

Despite some reports of its demise the resume is still alive and kicking.
Making Subjective Screening More Objective
Many candidates spend significant time and even money on the creation of a good quality resume. The resume will reflect a lot about a candidate so it is worth looking at from several angles.  The more objectively you can apply a consistent screening process the better your chances of finding the better and more interested candidates.

When you review a resume your subjectivity plays a real role in your reaction. Factors such as time of day, your mood, the quality of the last resume you reviewed and more really can impact your objectivity. However, if you are using a standard formula to evaluate all resumes you can minimize the impact of different factors. Moreover you can also demonstrate an objective process in the event someone questions your review decisions.

Once you become familiar with the screen...

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