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Employment Law Fundamentals: Hiring & Employment Contracts

Recorded Date: May 5, 2021

Time: 9am – 10:30am PDT

Speaker: Anthony Panacci

To access the recording of this webinar, please go here. As a member of HR Insider, use discount code HRIVIP21 to watch the recording for free on demand. All ancillary material is available as a handout with the recording.

About the Webinar

While employers are often eager to staff their operations and generate revenue, employers often overlook the legalities of the hiring process. Effectively navigating the legalities can require some forethought, especially when it comes to establishing the terms of employment and complying with anti-discrimination laws. This seminar will:

  • Highlight the importance of written employment contracts, including the benefits of layoff and termination clauses for non-union employers;
  • Outline the fundamentals of human rights legislation; and
  • Review other hiring considerations, including pre-employment testing and pre-employment checks.

Anthony Panacci is a lawyer who represents employers and provides strategic advice on all aspects of the employment relationship.

Anthony regularly helps employers to navigate hiring processes, employment terminations, human rights issues, health and safety matters, and investigations. He also drafts employment policies such as progressive discipline policies, attendance management policies, and employment handbooks. In addition, Anthony defends employers when grievances are filed and when claims are brought to the courts, the Ministry of Labour, the Ontario Labour Relations Board, the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, and the Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal.