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Don’t Fall for This (Old HR) Mind Trick Ever Again

"These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.” You can see Obi Wan now, can’t you? Waving his hand, directing the weak-minded stormtrooper to allow he and his fugitive companions to “move along.” Corporate recruiters and hiring managers have their version of this. Once you get hired, you undoubtedly hear some variant of the following: “You have one of the highest salaries on your team. Don’t tell ANYONE how much you make.” They may have even waved their hand around right in front of you.

But is it true? What incentive do the corporate recruiter and your manager have to tell you anything different? How would you even know if you’re not to discuss salary with colleagues?

Well, it just may be that you’re one of the highest paid people on your team. You may be the most qualified, have the most potential and the most experience in the area needed. It certainly strokes your ego to hear that you’re so well paid and valued so highly that even the rumor of your salary would spark envy among yo...

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