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Discipline for Manager’s Unauthorized Credit Card Use


How can we handle a manager who has utilized a credit card for personal use without authorization from a supervisor? Are there grounds for “theft” with this matter?

— Name withheld



The unauthorized personal use of a company credit card is a serious offence warranting discipline. This is especially true when the employee occupies a position of trust like a manager. What I cannot tell you without knowing all of the facts is whether the violation committed by the manager in this case constitutes just cause for termination without notice.

Unfortunately, since I don’t know exactly what the manager did, I’m in no position to offer an opinion about whether he committed “theft.” But as a matter of internal discipline, the question of whether the offence actually constituted “theft” probably doesn’t matter all that much. The important thing to know is that the violation is grounds for discipline regardless of whether you label it theft.

If the reason you’re asking about “theft” is that you want to invoke a specific internal anti-theft policy, you need to look at how that policy defines “theft.” If the question is important because you’re thinking about pressing charges against the manager, I suggest you ask the police for help.


I hope this helps.