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What to Do While Awaiting a Worker’s COVID-Test Results – Ask The Expert


A worker told us that she has an appointment to be tested for COVID-19 tomorrow. Should we act now or wait for the test results to come back?


Act now!


Keep in mind that test results can take days and take interim precautions in case she tests positive. First, send the worker home and stay in self-isolation until her doctor or public health officials give her the all-clear. In the meantime, either isolate or clean and disinfect the worker’s work station and any areas in which she worked in the past 48 hours using proper PPE and approved cleaning products.

If she tests positive, you’ll need to notify all persons with whom she’s had close contact, i.e., closer than the required 2 meters, in the workplace within the past 48 hours and require them to self-isolate and advise them to get tested. Hopefully, you’re keeping contact logs of all workers, visitors and guests monitoring their encounters of closer than the required 2 meters. You’ll also have to notify local public health officials of the confirmed COVID-19 case.