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Workers Eyeing the Exit Sign

Nearly one-third, 31.8 percent, of Canadian employees say they are likely to leave their current job in the next two years, according to a new study from staffing firm Randstad.

The 2013 Randstad Award study, which gathered the opinions and perceptions of more than 7,000 Canadian employees and job seekers, finds that an improving economy has resulted in greater worker confidence and more choices for Canadian job seekers.

What are job seekers seeking?

As important as salary and benefits are to employees, the study shows they are not the only factors determining job satisfaction. Canadians also place high value on “a pleasant work atmosphere.” Nearly one-third of respondents indicate that a pleasant work atmosphere is one of the most important factors that would motivate them to stay with their current employer.

Accordingly, the study asked Canadian employees to define what a pleasant work atmosphere means to them. “I am recognized when I do good work” made it to the top of the list (58 percent), followed by “Respect from colleagues” (55 percent), and “Feel part of a team” (51 percent).  More than half of respondents also defined “an interesting job” as one that makes good use of their skills.