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When an Employee Has Trouble Telling the Truth

Take these 6 steps to help an employee address lying in the workplace

Question: Your employee is a hard worker and performs his job adequately; however, he doesn’t always tell the truth. Not only does he exaggerate stories about his personal life, but you have also noted that he fibs about his work performance. Sometimes he will announce that he has completed a task when he has not, and attempt to finish it at a later date.  Though he is generally well-liked, his tendency to lie is both frustrating and worrisome.  How do you deal with such an employee?
Possible Reasons Behind the Lies
Whether in our personal lives or in the workplace, most of us have encountered people who like to exaggerate or tell small little lies. Often these seemingly harmless fibs can be signs of greater personal problems. Some of the underlying reasons include:

1) Personality disorders, including narcissism and borderline personality;

2) Mental health problems such as anxiety and bi-polar disorder;

3) Exagge...

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