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Want To Quit Your Job? Five Things You Should Know About Your Legal Obligations

Plenty has been written about legal obligations and mistaken beliefs when it comes to employees being fired. But, while it is seldom discussed, there is almost as much law affecting an employee's decision to quit, whether it's because they read the writing on the wall or just got a better offer.
Wrongful resignation
Employees who resign with the proverbial two weeks notice can be sued. Just as employers must either provide employees with advance notice of dismissal or pay severance, employees have a reciprocal obligation. They must give employers sufficient notice of their departure date to permit them to recruit, train and put in place a comparably skilled replacement. If they do not, they can be sued for whatever damages the employer suffers i.e. lost productivity, sales and the costs of recruitment and replacement. Although most employers, whether oblivious to their legal rights or indifferent, don't bother suing, some do. Such cases most often arise when an employee resigns without...

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