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The Supreme Court Of Canada Renders A Decision On Restrictive Covenants Contained In An Asset Sale Agreement

Article by Zeïneb Mellouli and Jean-Sébastien Desroches
Lavery De Billy
On September 12, 2013, in Payette v. Guay inc.1, the Supreme Court of Canada rendered a decision which will be of interest to anyone involved in a transaction for the purchase or sale of assets. The Court shed some light on the interpretation of clauses restricting employment and post-employment competition which are contained in an agreement providing for the sale of assets but which, incidentally, includes an employment contract.

Following a detailed analysis of the wording of the asset sale agreement and the circumstances surrounding its negotiation, the Supreme Court confirms that the clauses in dispute are not related to an employment contract but rather to a sale agreement. According to the Court, the essence of the principal obligations set out in the primary contract do not relate to an employment relationship insofar as such a relationship is merely incidental to the sale agreement.

But that is not all: ...

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