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Penalties For Workplace Accidents And Fatalities In Saskatchewan: The Landscape Has Changed

The Saskatchewan Employment Act, SS 201, c S-15.1 (the "SEA") was passed by the provincial legislature and brought into force at the end of April, 2014. The passage of the SEA resulted in the consolidation of several pieces of labour and employment legislation that had previously existed as stand alone legislation. One of the Acts brought under the SEA was the Occupation Health and Safety Act, SS 1993, c O-1.1 (the "OHSA").

Under the SEA, the provincial government made significant changes to the penalty regime for occupational health and safety offences, particularly in the realm of offences leading to serious injury or death to a worker.

Under the OHSA, both individuals and corporations could be liable on summary conviction for maximum fine of $300,000. Under the SEA, these maximum fines for a serious accident or fatality were increased to $500,000 for individual employers and $1,500,000 for corporations – making them the highest maximum fine of any province. Moreover, when combined...

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