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Newfoundland publishes its 2104 Job Vacancy Report.


Apr. 23: Newfoundland published its 2104 Job Vacancy Report, providing a detailed analysis of more than 38,000 job advertisements recorded during the last calendar year, including regions where jobs were located, key industries, in-demand occupations and education requirements for these occupations.

Workers’ Compensation

Apr. 28: In 1989, Newfoundland’s lost-time incidence rate stood at an ugly 5.2 per 100 workers. The incidence rate has been steadily falling ever since until reaching a historic low of 1.6 per 100 workers in 2012. And after a repeat performance in 2013, the rate remained at 1.6 in 2014, according to the WHSCC. Although 3 consecutive years of record low incidence rates is great news, it belies the fact that 29 workers lost their lives as a result of workplace injuries or illnesses in 2014, as compared to 30 in 2013.